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Автор: Miles Kelly
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ISBN: 9781782093688
100 Facts Gladiators is a non fiction book for kids, bursting with detailed historical images, great activities and exactly 100 gladiator facts for kids. Children will learn everything they need to know about these ancient Roman warriors. 100 Facts Gladiators covers key topics about the ancient spectator sport of fighting to the death in straightforward numbered facts. Each fact is accompanied by beautiful illustrations and photographs, which add visual meaning to the information for kids. Essential topics covered in 100 Facts Gladiators: - The origins of the gladiators and the first fights - Famous gladiators such as Spartacus and the day in the life of a typical gladiator - The changing purpose of the arena for entertainment, politics and a place for punishment Examples of 'I don't believe it' fascinating facts: - Gladiator helmets were very heavy. They weighed about 7 kilograms - twice as much as an army helmet! - The Romans loved watching animals that had been trained to perform tricks. One animal trainer put on shows in which an ape drove a chariot pulled by camels. - In 165 BC, a play was interrupted when the entire audience left the theatre to watch a gladiatorial show. The actors were left alone in the theatre! Activities to make learning accessible and interactive include: - Make a shield with cardboard, string, coloured pencils and scissors - Quiz question: What name was given to men who trained gladiators? - Recreate the combat of the Andabatae with a game. You will need a blindfold and four or more players
Код товара: 9781782093688
Жанр: Books for Kids
Переплёт: Paperback
Автор: Miles Kelly
Количество страниц: 48
язык: Английский



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