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Adrian Mole.The Prostrate Years

Издательство: Penguin books
Автор: Sue Townsend

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ISBN: 9780241959497
Adrian Mole is thirty-nine and a quarter. He lives in the country in a semi-detached converted pigsty with his wife Daisy and their daughter. His parents George and Pauline live in the adjoining pigsty. But all is not well.
The secondhand bookshop in which Adrian works is threatened with closure. The spark has fizzled out of his marriage. His mother is threatening to write her autobiography (A Girl Called Shit). And Adrian's nightly trips to the lavatory have become alarmingly frequent.
As his troubles multiply, a drunken call to old flame Dr Pandora Braithwaite (BA, MA, PhD, MP and Junior Minister) awakens memories of what might have been and causes Adrian to wonder: is Pandora the only one who can possibly save him?

Код товара: 18143
Жанр: Классика/Klassika
Издательство: Penguin books
Переплёт: Мягкий
Автор: Sue Townsend



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