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All the Water in the World

Издательство: John Murray Press
Автор: Karen Raney
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ISBN: 9781473694910
Maddy is sixteen. Deeply curious, wry and vivacious, she's poised at the outset of adulthood. She has loyal friends, a mother with whom she's unusually close, a father she's never met, devoted grandparents, and a crush on a boy named Jack. Maddy also has cancer. Eve is her mother, desperately caring for the daughter she loves and only partly knows, in a world she can't control. For fans of Celeste Ng, Jodi Picoult and Delia Owens, All the Water in the World is the story of a family doing its best when faced with the worst. Unforgettable and singularly moving, with voices that range from tender to funny, despairing to defiant, this novel is a poignant testimony to the transformative power of love, humour and hope.
Код товара: 9781473694910
Жанр: Romance
Издательство: John Murray Press
Переплёт: Paperback
Вес, гр: 480
Автор: Karen Raney
Количество страниц: 368



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