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Cars Transforming Mack Tower Jump Playset

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ISBN: 887961367843
Mattel Toys. Disney/Pixar Cars fans, enjoy multiple ways to play with Mack and this cool, transforming training and stunt set! First, Team Rust-eze's hauler delivers big push around fun. Just load your favorite character vehicles in and drive to your next race. Then, park his truck and start stunt training! With pop and drop action, you just press the button on Mack's infamous trucker cap to launch cars off his sky-high ramp! There's an included Lightning McQueen vehicle to start the racing action right away! Aim for the famous #95 logo target below. Drive around and launch the champ again until you nail the mark like a pro stunt racer! When training winds up for the day, store your vehicles inside Mack's garage and fold the set neatly up until the next adventure. This Mack Training Center also connects to other Story Sets for more movie-themed fun.
Код товара: 887961367843
Возраст:: 3-6, 6-12, 12+, 6-12, 12+