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Fist of the North Star, Vol. 1

Издательство: Shogakukan Inc
Автор: Hardback
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ISBN: 9781974721566
In the original classic manga set in a postapocalyptic wasteland ruled by savage gangs, a hero appears to bring justice to the guilty. This warrior named Ken holds the deadly secrets of a mysterious martial art known as Hokuto Shinken-the Divine Fist of the North Star! In a postapocalyptic world, humanity has risen from the ashes of nuclear war to a nightmare of endless suffering. It is a time of chaos. Warlords and gangs of savage marauders and warlords rule the broken ruins of civilization, terrorizing and enslaving the survivors. Life has become a brutal struggle for existence and death the only release. One day, a wanderer appears out of the wasteland to bring justice to the guilty and hope to the people-a warrior named Ken, a man who bears seven scars upon his chest and holds the secret of a mysterious martial art known as Hokuto Shinken, the Divine Fist of the North Star!
Код товара: 9781974721566
Жанр: Manga
Издательство: Shogakukan Inc
Переплёт: Buronson , Illustrated by Tetsuo Hara
Вес, гр: 517,000
Автор: Hardback
Количество страниц: 306
язык: Английский



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