Ваша корзина пуста
Издательство: Little Tiger Press Group
Автор: Holly Webb
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ISBN: 9781847150608
Olivia's very unhappy about moving house and leaving all her friends behind, not to mention next door's two lovely cats. But her parents have a surprise that they hope will cheer her up: a beautiful Siamese kitten. The kitten is adorable, with huge blue eyes, but Olivia insists she doesn't want a cat and Sky is left all alone ... surely Olivia won't be able to resist for long?
Код товара: 9781847150608
Жанр: Books for Children
Издательство: Little Tiger Press Group
Переплёт: Paperback
Вес, гр: 130
Автор: Holly Webb
Количество страниц: 128



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