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Harry Potter Real Talking Sorting Hat. Gryffindor

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Fans of Harry Potter can finally find out which house they’re destined for with this Real Talking Sorting Hat.


Looking just like it does in the well-loved film series, the hat really moves as it sits on the wearer’s head contemplating where they belong.

Will it sense bravery and place your child into Gryffindor? Perhaps their hard work and modesty will see them assigned to Hufflepuff. Strong, ambitious children may end up in Slytherin, while anyone who loves learning will be right at home with Ravenclaw.

Or maybe, just this once, the Sorting Hat might even make the wrong choice – don’t worry, you can try again if it does, we won’t tell!

  • Depth: 34 CM
  • Height: 36 CM
  • Width: 34 CM
Код товара: 4895217530831


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