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E-Gift Card

New product - What is an E-Gift Card?

Are you having trouble sending gifts to your distant relatives, or are you late? Send "Ali and Nino" e-gift cards of different values ​​to your address in just a few minutes without leaving your home, let him choose the gift himself! Or, enter the information of that person directly in the order, we will send you an e-gift card!
The e-gift card is provided in the form of a promo code, and the person you donate receives any product for the same amount by entering this promo code during their order. When ordering an e-gift card, payment is made only online - by card or Million.
You can make purchases with this code only on the website

How to use the poromocode on the electronic gift card?
You collect the products in the basket, then in the "Do you have a promo code?" Enter the promo code in the section. You can now complete the order by clicking the "Register Order" button.
Note that the promo code does not apply to the delivery fee, but only applies to the purchase of products.
One click buying (only for orders in Baku)