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How to order?

   If you still do not know how to make an order, or if you have questions about it, then follow up the video and find out if you have any questions. After that you will be able to easily access your gifts, books, toys, school supplies and thousands of other entertaining and educational products. Make your orders, and get your address as soon as possible!






The site offers you the opportunity to place your order easily and quickly. Our customers living in Baku can place an order quickly and conveniently by simply selecting the "CLICK-BUY" button. To place an order, it is enough to enter and confirm your personal data by entering the desired product and pressing the "CLICK-BUY" button. The information needed for this is quite short:

  • -First name and last name
  • - Contact number
  • - E-mail address
  • - The address to which the order will be delivered
  • Note: "TIKLA-AL" service is active only within the city of Baku, and when choosing this service, payment can only be made in cash.