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A Tall History of Sugar

Publishing house: Canongate Books Ltd
Author: Curdella Forbes
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ISBN: 9781786898708
Discovered amidst a tangle of sea grape trees, Moshe Fisher's provenance is a thing of myth and mystery; his unusual appearance, with blueish, translucent skin and duo-toned hair, only serves to compound his mystique. Equally feared and ridiculed by peers as he grows up, he finds a surprising kindred soul in the striking and bold Arrienne Christie, but their complex relationship is fraught with obstacles that tear them apart as powerfully as they are drawn together.
Article: 9781786898708
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publishing house: Canongate Books Ltd
Binding: Paperback
Weight, gr: 248
Author: Curdella Forbes
Pages:: 368
language: Ingilis



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