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Artificial Intelligence (WIRED guides)

Publishing house: Cornerstone
Author: Matthew Burgess

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ISBN: 9781847943231
In this brilliant, one-stop guide WIRED journalist Matt Burgess explains everything you need to know about AI. He describes how it works. He looks at the ways in which it has already brought us everything from voice recognition software to self-driving cars, and explores its potential for further revolutionary change in almost every area of our daily lives. He examines the darker side of machine learning: its susceptibility to hacking; its tendency to discriminate against particular groups; and its potential misuse by governments. And he addresses the fundamental question: can machines become as intelligent as human beings?
Article: 9781847943231
Genre: Industrial Applications
Publishing house: Cornerstone
Binding: Paperback
Weight, gr: 173
Author: Matthew Burgess
Pages:: 208
language: Ingilis



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