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Authentic Italian Desserts: 75 Traditional Favorites Made Easy

Publishing house: Page Street Publishing Co.
Author: Rosemary Molloy

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ISBN: 9781624146435
Molloy guides readers to best capture the flavours of Italia by keeping each recipe simple, delicious and always true to Italian tradition. We've all heard of the classic biscotti, with its crunch and dunkable shape, but Molloy opens up the world of Italian cookies with dreamy morsels like Double Chocolate Lady Kiss Cookies or Italian Butter Cookies that melt in your mouth and pair perfectly with melted chocolate. Regional ingredients are highlighted with recipes like Siena's Almond Cookies or the traditional Pear Cake, with its delicious crown of caramelised pears and base of fluffy mascarpone cake.
Article: 9781624146435
Genre: National & Regional Cuisine
Publishing house: Page Street Publishing Co.
Binding: Paperback
Weight, gr: 645
Author: Rosemary Molloy
Pages:: 192
language: English



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