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Isnt This Fun?

Publishing house: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Author: Michael Foley
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ISBN: 9781471154829
Michael Foley, the author of bestselling The Age of Absurdity, wants to understand why he doesn't appear to be experiencing as much 'fun' as everyone else . . . And so, with characteristic wit and humour, Foley sets out to understand what fun really means, examining its heritage, its cultural significance and the various activities we associate with fun. He investigates pursuits such as dancing, sex, holidays, sport, gaming and comedy, and concludes that fun is not easy, simple and fixed, as many seem to believe, but elusive, complex and constantly changing. In fact, fun is a profoundly serious business. His findings will invigorate you with insights, quite possibly help you to understand why the post-post-modern is actually the pre-pre-modern and, at the very least, make you laugh at life. 'This book is such a wondrous kaleidoscope of rage, based on such a deep reading of all the sources, that I shall be searching out his other works to read forthwith. The man is a marvel.' Daily Mail
Article: 9781471154829
Genre: Philosophy
Publishing house: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Binding: Paperback
Weight, gr: 276
Author: Michael Foley
Pages:: 400



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