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More from Less: The Surprising Story of How

Publishing house: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Author: Andrew McAfee

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ISBN: 9781471180361
Everyone knows we're doomed by runaway overpopulation, pollution, or resource depletion, whichever comes first. Not only is this view paralysing and fatalistic, but, as Andrew McAfee shows in this exhilarating book, it's wrong... More from Less is fascinating, enjoyable to read, and tremendously empowering' Steven Pinker Bestselling author and co-director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy Andrew McAfee says there's a new reason for optimism: we're past the point of 'peak stuff' - from here on out, it'll take fewer resources to make things, and cost less to lead a comfortable life.
Article: 9781471180361
Genre: Business
Publishing house: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Binding: Paperback
Weight, gr: 245
Author: Andrew McAfee
Pages:: 352