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Never Tell

Publishing house: Cornerstone
Author: Lisa Gardner
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ISBN: 9781784758646
One death might be an accident. Two looks like murder. A man is shot dead in his own home, and his pregnant wife, Evie, is found with the gun in her hands. Detective D.D. Warren instantly recognises her. Sixteen years ago, Evie also shot her own father. That killing was ruled an accident. D.D. doesn't believe in coincidences. But this case isn't as open and shut as it first appears, and her job is to discover the truth. Evie might be a victim. Or she might be about to get away with murder again.
Article: 9781784758646
Genre: Crime Fiction
Publishing house: Cornerstone
Binding: Paperback
Weight, gr: 220
Author: Lisa Gardner
Pages:: 416



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