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Rogues' Gallery : A History of Art and its Dealers

Publishing house: Profile Books Ltd
Author: Philip Hook

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ISBN: 9781781255704
From its beginnings in Antwerp, where paintings were sometimes sold by weight, to the rich hauteur of the contemporary gallery in London, Paris and New York, art dealing has been about identifying what is intangible but infinitely desirable, and then finding clients for whom it is irresistible. Those who have purveyed art for a living range from tailors, spies and the occasional anarchist to scholars, aristocrats, merchants and connoisseurs, each variously motivated by greed, belief in their own vision of art and its history, or simply the will to win.
Article: 9781781255704
Genre: Art History
Publishing house: Profile Books Ltd
Binding: Hardback
Weight, gr: 613
Author: Philip Hook
Pages:: 288
language: English



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