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Science A History

Publishing house: Penguin Books Ltd
Author: Paperback

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ISBN: 9780140297416
From award-winning science writer John Gribbin, Science: A History is the enthralling story of the men and women who changed the way we see the world, and the turbulent times they lived in. From Galileo, tried by the Inquisition for his ideas, to Newton, who wrote his rivals out of the history books; from Marie Curie, forced to work apart from male students for fear she might excite them, to Louis Agassiz, who marched his colleagues up a mountain to prove that the ice ages had occurred.
Article: 9780140297416
Genre: Science
Publishing house: Penguin Books Ltd
Binding: John Gribbin
Weight, gr: 458
Author: Paperback
Pages:: 672
language: English



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