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Talk to Me : Amazon, Google, Apple and the Race for Voice-Controlled AI

Publishing house: Cornerstone
Author: James Vlahos
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ISBN: 9781847942647
The gripping inside story of the race to build conversationally capable computers Chat with the author: ask your Alexa device to 'open the voice computing book' __________________ The next great technological disruption is coming. The titans of Silicon Valley are racing to build the last, best computer that the world will ever need. Whoever successfully creates it will revolutionise our relationship with technology - and make billions of dollars in the process. It is known as conversational AI. For years, computers that can speak and think like humans have been on the verge of becoming a reality. Now, James Vlahos introduces the researchers at Google, Amazon and Apple who are leading the way to a voice tech revolution. And he reveals how their discoveries will transform every sector of society - from revolutionising how we use the internet, to transforming our understanding of consciousness. Vlahos's research leads him to one fundamental question: What happens when our computers become as articulate, compassionate, and creative as we are?
Article: 9781847942647
Genre: Popular Science
Publishing house: Cornerstone
Binding: Paperback
Weight, gr: 234
Author: James Vlahos
Pages:: 336



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