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The Art of the Cocktail: From the Dali Wallbanger to the Stinger Sargent, cocktails with an artistic twist

Publishing house: Octopus Publishing Group
Author: Hamish Anderson

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ISBN: 9781781576564
Filled with art anecdotes and colourful tales, this is both a whistle-stop tour through art history and an exciting way to wet your whistle. Cocktails include the: * Dali Wallbanger * Klein Blue Moon * Whamm! Bamm! Pow! * Picasso Sour * Frida Kahlua * Rene Margarita * and the Hirst-inspired Shark Bite
Article: 9781781576564
Genre: General Cookery
Publishing house: Octopus Publishing Group
Binding: Hardback
Weight, gr: 560
Author: Hamish Anderson
Pages:: 128
language: English



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