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The Big Zero : The Transformation of ZBB into a Force for Growth, Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Publishing house: Penguin Books Ltd
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ISBN: 9780241401590
Do you want to achieve startup speed at enterprise scale? Growth. It's what every company strives for. But it's become more and more elusive as companies struggle to hit their projected growth rates in an increasingly competitive market. While zero-based budgeting (ZBB) has been wielded for decades to cut costs, it falls short when it comes to spurring growth. But a zero-based mindset (ZBx) does that and more. ZBx facilitates forensic oversight into resource allocation that funnels savings back into growth initiatives and encourages new sources of innovation. The Big Zero shows how a ZBx approach focuses on agility over austerity, visibility over guesswork and the future over the past to fuel growth and competitiveness.
Article: 9780241401590
Genre: Business & Management
Publishing house: Penguin Books Ltd
Binding: Hardback
Weight, gr: 349
Author: Kris Timmermans ,Chris Roark ,Rodrigo Abdalla
Pages:: 160



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