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The Day the Screens Went Blank

Publishing house: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Author: Danny Wallace

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ISBN: 9781471196881
When ten-year-old Stella wakes up to discover a world full of BLANK screens, her family, town, and in fact the whole world seems to have been thrown into chaos. And what about poor Grandma who is stranded at the other end of the country? Cue a rollicking madcap road trip, full of driving disasters and family fallouts, as they set off on a rescue mission. And along the way Stella and her family discover that being away from screens might not be the WORST THING EVER, and even though they might not be able to rely on technology anymore, they can rely on each other instead.
Article: 9781471196881
Genre: Children's Fiction
Publishing house: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Binding: Paperback
Weight, gr: 258
Author: Danny Wallace
Pages:: 240