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The Way of the Monk: The four steps to peace, purpose and lasting happiness

Publishing house: Ebury Publishing
Author: Gaur Gopal Das
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ISBN: 9781846046254
THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER. Do you ever have the feeling that life isn't going your way? Discover how to master the monk mindset with world-renowned motivational coach and Indian monk Gaur Gopal Das as he reveals how to tackle our modern anxieties with characteristic serenity, profound wisdom and irresistible humour. In The Way of the Monk, Das takes us on an unforgettable journey and offers precious insights to make life happier and easier, even in the stormiest of times. Whether you are looking to find your purpose, strengthen relationships, discover inner calm or give back to the world, this thought-provoking book will challenge you to change your outlook and align yourself with the life you want to live. *Previously published as Life's Amazing Secrets*
Article: 9781846046254
Genre: Psychology
Publishing house: Ebury Publishing
Binding: Hardback
Weight, gr: 319
Author: Gaur Gopal Das
Pages:: 208



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