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Scratches Never Heal

Publishing house: Qanun Publishing House
Author: Hassan Hami
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ISBN: 9789952361216
Paul Feyerbend’s ‘Without ambiguity, no change ever’ and an Arab’s proverb ‘Trust Allah, but tie the camel’ gave an incentive to Nassim’s resolution to cope with the new world. Eventually, he would not be the kind of person who would adore laziness and abhor the call for evolving. Ambiguity and change! Fatality and resolution! Four words with a strong euphemism that would not leave him adamant! He took his chance to revitalize his dormant cells and get together with life.
Article: 21262
Genre: Современная проза/Muasir nəsr
Publishing house: Qanun Publishing House
Binding: Paperback
Author: Hassan Hami



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