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If on a Winters Night a Traveler

Издательство: Everyman
Автор: Italo Calvino
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ISBN: 9781857151381
Calvino's dazzling post-modernist masterpiece combines a love story, a detective story and a sardonic dissection of the publishing industry in a scintillating allegory of reading. Based on a witty anaolgy between the reader's desire to finish the story and the lover's desire to consummate his or her passion, IF ON A WINTER'S NIGHT is the tale of two bemused readers whose attempts to reach the end of same book - IF ON A WINTER'S NIGHT by Italo Calvino - are constantly and comically frustrated. THE ARABIAN NIGHTS of our day
Код товара: 17792
Жанр: Классика/Klassika
Издательство: Everyman
Переплёт: Твердый
Автор: Italo Calvino



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