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Miss Smillas Feeling for Snow

Издательство: The Harvill Press
Автор: Peter Hoeg
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ISBN: 9781860461675
One snowy day in Copenhagen, six-year-old Isaiah falls to his death from a city rooftop. The police pronounce it an accident. But Isaiah's neighbour, Smilla, an expert in the ways of snow and ice, suspects murder. She embarks on a dangerous quest to find the truth, following a path of clues as clear to her as footsteps in the snow. 21 years after its first UK publication, "Vintage" are reissuing this classic Scandinavian crime novel for a whole new audience.
Код товара: 15066
Жанр: Детектив/Detektiv
Издательство: The Harvill Press
Переплёт: peparback
Автор: Peter Hoeg



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