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Paisley Iv Kraft, Midi,176pp

Nəşriyyat: Paperblanks
Sifarişləri Bakıya, regionlara və dünya ölkələrinə çatdırırıq!

Introducing Paperblanks Flexis, a sophisticated new line of softcover notebooks. Crafted with a flexible cover material, these lightweight notebooks offer increased mobility for everyday use. Their durable, Smyth sewn spines allow the books to lie completely flat while also providing the flexibility to open 360°, connecting cover to cover for a stable writing surface on the go. These stripped-down versions of some of our bestselling Paperblanks designs give an elemental sense of warmth and tactility. We are also offering two titles with a Kraft paper cover, creating a natural and organic texture that is unique to our Flexis. These are the ultimate notebooks for writers and sketchers with somewhere to go: they are portable and lightweight enough to tuck into any bag, and with two different page count options you can choose the thickness that best suits your lifestyle. Enjoy the freedom that comes with flexibility!

Məhsulun kodu: 9781439744673
Nəşriyyat: Paperblanks
Səhifə sayı: 176



Tıkla – al (Yalnız Bakı daxilində olan sifarişlər ücün)