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Philip's World Atlas : Paperback

Nəşriyyat: Octopus Publishing Group
Müəllif: Philip's Maps
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ISBN: 9781849075169
An excellent world atlas. Very illuminating, good colours, clear texts...good glossary and, last but not least, up-to-date". Amazon customer review * The perfect world atlas for work, study or leisure * Great value for money * 96 pages of authoritative world maps, physical and political * 70 city maps in the fascinating World Cities section, with full-page satellite images for 9 of the cities featured complete this section. * 35,000 place name index * thematic section providing information on topics covered in geography, humanities and economics courses, * 32-page introductory section - 'The World in Focus' - covers key geographical themes such as the Earth's position in the Solar System, the structure of the Earth, climate and weather, the environment, population, resources, economics and international organizations. The information-packed World Atlas from Philip's, published in association with the Royal Geographical Society has been fully updated for this new, 2019 edition
Məhsulun kodu: 9781849075169
Janr: Encyclopedia
Nəşriyyat: Octopus Publishing Group
Cild: Paperback
Çəki, g: 1240
Müəllif: Philip's Maps
Səhifə sayı: 264



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