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Издательство: DK
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ISBN: 9781405342124
From electricity and magnetism to animals and the human body, your child can use the book to learn all about science. There’s everything they need to know, with fantastic 3-D models, maps, fact boxes and amazing photographs.

Then they can go online to the exclusive, safe, and secure website produced by DK and Google™ to find the kind of information you just can’t get from an ordinary book. They’ll learn more about science through our multimedia content, projects, games and quizzes and outstanding downloadable images.

Linked to the KS2 National Curriculum, it’s perfect for projects, or just for fun. There’s so much to discover, see, and do!
Код товара: 25373
Жанр: Энциклопедия/Ensiklopediya
Издательство: DK
Переплёт: Мягкий



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