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Издательство: Quercus
Автор: Peter May
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ISBN: 9781782062097
Three years ago the body of France's foremost wine critic was found strung up like a scarecrow in a Gaillac vineyard, dressed in the ceremonial robes of the Order of the Divine Bottle and pickled in wine. For ex-pat Scot and forensic forager Enzo Macleod, the answer to this unsolved murder lies in cracking the critic's secretly coded reviews - which on publication could make or break a vineyard's reputation. He finds that under the sweet idyll of southern French winery lurks a bitter, back-stabbing community - including several suspects for the critic's death. One of whom is prepared to kill again to keep their secret bottled up.
Код товара: 18072
Жанр: Детектив/Detektiv
Издательство: Quercus
Переплёт: Paperback
Автор: Peter May



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