Издательство: Penguin Classics
Автор: John Le Carre
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ISBN: 9780141196350
Barley Blair is not a Service man: he is a small-time publisher, a self-destructive soul whose only loves are whisky and jazz. But it was Barley who, one drunken night at a dacha in Peredelkino during the Moscow Book Fair, was befriended by a high-ranking Soviet scientist who could be the greatest asset to the West since perestroika began, and made a promise. Nearly a year later, his drunken promise returns to haunt him. A reluctant Barley is quickly trained by British Intelligence and sent to Moscow to liaise with a go-between, the beautiful Katya. Both are lonely and disillusioned. Each is increasingly certain that if the human race is to have any future, all must betray their countries -Ó

In his first post-glasnost spy novel, le Carr+« captures the effect of a slow and uncertain thaw on ordinary people and on the shadowy puppet-masters who command them.

Код товара: 18122
Жанр: Классика/Klassika
Издательство: Penguin Classics
Переплёт: Paperback
Автор: John Le Carre



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