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The Time of My Life

Nəşriyyat: Harper
Müəllif: Cecelia Ahern
50 manatdan yuxarı sifariş edildikdə, Bakı üzrə çatdırılma pulsuzdur!
ISBN: 9780007433957
Lucy Silchester is. She's busied herself with other stuff: friends' lives, work issues, her deteriorating car, that kind of thing. But she's stuck in a rut - and deluding everyone. Only Lucy knows the real truth. Time for a wake-up call - a meeting with life. And life turns out to be a kindly, rather run-down man in an old suit, who is determined to bring about change - and won't let Lucy off the hook. Sometimes we all need to make time for our life...
Məhsulun kodu: 9780007433957
Janr: Роман/Roman
Nəşriyyat: Harper
Cild: Yumşaq
Müəllif: Cecelia Ahern



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