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Sum : Forty Tales from the Afterlives

Nəşriyyat: Canongate Books Ltd
Müəllif: David Eagleman
Sifarişləri Bakıya, regionlara və dünya ölkələrinə çatdırırıq!
50 AZN-dən yuxarı sifarişlərdə Bakı üzrə çatdırılma pulsuzdur.
ISBN: 9781847674272
In the afterlife you may find that God is the size of a microbe and unaware of your existence. Or you may find the afterlife contains only those people whom you remember. In some afterlives you are split into all your different ages; in some you are recreated based on your credit-card records; and in others you are forced to live with annoying versions of yourself that represent what you could have been. In these wonderfully imagined tales - at once funny, wistful and unsettling - Eagleman kicks over the chessboard of traditional notions and offers us a dazzling lens through which to see ourselves here and now. His stories are rooted in science and romance and awe at our mysterious existence: a mixture of hope, love and death that cuts through human nature at innovative angles.
Məhsulun kodu: 9781847674272
Janr: Popular Philosophy
Nəşriyyat: Canongate Books Ltd
Cild: Paperback
Çəki, g: 91
Müəllif: David Eagleman
Səhifə sayı: 128



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